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Our counsellors have one goal that family are often united & ought to live gayly in peace. Our philosophy relies in Positive psychological science.

As your “relationship coach,” we'll assist you and your partner see past the hurt or disconnect to achieve additional satisfaction, association and security in your relationship. With our facilitate, you'll move on the far side the pain to unleash emotional blocks and develop healthier communication and negotiation skills.

You may seek advice from U.S.A. at no cost initial consultation decision : +91-8375851085, 9821289280
If you want to assist yourself and your pet ones to fight emotional issues, you'll contact BHAVISHYA CHINTAN Counsellors in urban center for additional data and recommendation.

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How BHAVISHYA CHINTAN counsel is totally different from regular counselors

Our work with couples relies partly on the philosophical approaches of the various masters. we have a tendency to don't become too centered on anybody sort of medical aid, because it limits the work we will effectively do with couples. we have a tendency to area unit versatile in our counsel vogue and work to remain endlessly tuned in to all of the new approaches within the field of couples counsel. we have a tendency to area unit all people and so some strategies of medical aid area unit additional appropriate to some folks and different strategies could also be altogether ineffective.

From these approaches, we've developed our own freelance sort of BHAVISHYA CHINTAN medical aid that's not like the other. we'll use Family Systems, Relational, answer centered, likewise as Emotional Attachment sorts of medical aid like Breathwork Thera`