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Element – Air

Quality - Fixed

Principle - Active ( Male)

Symbol – The Pourer

Ruling Planet – Saturn and Uranus

Lucky Stone – Aquamarine


General Characteristics:

As its symbol implies, Aquarians are more generous with their own time and resources compared to the other signs. Because of this overwhelming generosity, they are more likely to take on humanitarian acts. They have a deeper understanding of the needs of other people and they have a great concern for the welfare of other people. 

Rational and intelligent, Aquarians are powerful thinkers who don’t enjoy too many emotional demands being placed upon them. They are inventive people who like to know how things work. They're curious but self-willed and are often rebels against convention. They are futuristic people and find it very difficult to live in present. They live ahead of their time. They are free-spirited people and do not compromise with their freedom, individuality and space. 


They do not share their problems and always resolve the matters on their own. They may take advise from all but they will do what they believe is best of them. They are sensitive people. They are very loyal and trustworthy. Their demands are mostly reasonable but they never ask for anything and expect their loved ones to know it all. For this reason, they tend to get hurt easily. They are outgoing and charismatic people. They live their lives based on great ideas and conscience rather than practicality. They put every effort to make world a better place for humanity and mankind. They are generally the great minds that lay foundation for the future.


When they are stressed, all they need is alone time. Their anger or rage is for few minutes and they try to keep silence in tense situations. Once the stressful moment is passed, they behave in a very mature way to resolve issues. They are strong willed. They carry and express themselves very well, which makes them extremely popular among people. At a regular work place or school, even if an Aquarius has never talked to you, he will somehow definitely catch your attention at least once.


Being close to Aquarians is both exciting as well as challenging. They will always make you keep thinking about new ideas and exploring different worlds but it is very confusing to know whether they need you or not. Aquarians are original people. They do not know how to pretend anything but they are very unpredictable. They are stubborn about their beliefs and will defend their point very rationally but if they find any profound contradiction to their belief they are open to completely change their opinion.


They believe in justice and morality more than law or religion and are mostly rebellious about political system. They are truly spiritual people and are believed to make grounds for spiritual awakening for generations to come. The major problem with Aquarians is that they are eccentric and detached. It makes them prone to live a larger part of their life alone. They are most intelligent of all zodiac sign; their ideas and creativity surpass all limits.



Positive :- Aquarians are considered the friendliest. They are intelligent, talented, and energetic. They have excellent people skills, but they still enjoy having some time for themselves, without being disconnected from others. 


Nagetive :- When they don’t get time off for themselves, they tend to succumb to depression and become devoid of emotions. They can be resentful if they are not heard. Their tendency towards self-reflection often makes them look a little eccentric.