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Element – Fire 

Quality - Cardinal

Principle - Active (Male)

Symbol – The Ram

Ruling Planet – Mars

Lucky Stone – , Ruby


General Characteristics:        

Individuals under this sign are courageous, willful, energetic, leading, and commanding. Most Aries are fast-paced, people who are forever on the go. They have almost limitless curiosity and are constantly itching for adventure and want to explore the world. Often rather wild, they're also very domineering at times, and often find it difficult to share power. They are not very good followers, which makes it very difficult to command them.


Aries are very independent and courageous people. They love their freedom and are natural leaders. They are well known to take initiatives and even complete tasks by themselves. Because of this reason sometimes they are often taken as self-absorbed. However, Aries are very generous and friendly people. They are versatile, adventurous and always up with a plan. They can be described as Jack-of-all-trades.


Aries are restless people and get bored very easily. They have a tendency to leave the projects mid-way and take on a new one. They are always charged with positivity and high energy levels. They are creative and strong willed people. Once Aries know their ambition in life, they work extremely hard to achieve their goal. They are always top achievers in any competition. Aries are very loyal and passionate about their friends and family. They are very straightforward and uncomplicated people. Being a mars sign, Aries are far away from deception. They are easy going people and do not like downs in life. You will hardly find any Aries to be nervous. They are upfront and quickly make decisions.


At times, they can be short tempered and aggressive if there is a disagreement to their opinion. They hold their firm view on religion and society, which can be extreme very often. They do not think much before they speak and end up regretting it later. They are very sensitive people but because of their ego, they do not show their true emotions. Aries can be easily distracted; they are highly attracted to public attention or famous people or events. If you are talking to an Aries and he suddenly moves in different direction, it’s probably because he found something more interesting.


Positive :- Because of their energetic nature, it is not difficult for them to work for long hours. They often initiate breakthroughs. They are thorough and have a knack for keeping accurate records. They are passionate about life and love.


Nagetive :- They can become selfish because of their passion to achieve anything they put their mind into. They can have a low tolerance to people who are not their equals. Most people under the sign of Aries often feel unappreciated for what they have accomplished so they resort to sarcasm and rudeness.