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Element – Water

Quality - Cardinal

Principle - Passive (Female)

Symbol – The Crab

Ruling Planet – Moon

Lucky Stone – Moonstone, Pearl, Ruby


General Characteristics:-

They are generally emotional; often seeking security from other people. They are family/group oriented.

The sign’s image representation is very apt with their characteristics. Just as a crab brings its own shell on its back, so does a typical Cancer person. Family and the home are everything to them; they remain dedicated in spite of challenges.

Those born of this sign care about others extensively; they will shower you with affection and love. The flip side of this is that they can often be sulky and hang on to the past tightly. They're deep and mysterious and reflective, and are quite intuitive too.


Cancerians are homely type of people. They like to be active in domestic and communal matters. They are patriotic and guard their heritage and culture. They have caring and nurturing type of nature and they also expect the same from other people, which sometimes make them linger around people and become oversensitive. They love kids and love the concept of large happy family. They find it very difficult to express their emotions but they feel it all deep inside their heart for a long time and start pitying themselves. They find it very difficult to trust anyone which mostly burst out as anger and resentment and that makes them feel miserable. They are dependable people but they are also dependent on others. You can say that a Cancerian needs a highly dependable friend to make him enough strong to be independent.


A Cancerian, however, is very devoted and loyal to friends and family. If you are bullied in your school then all you need is Cancerian friend because it is only a Cancerian person who will take on all the bullies for you. Cancerians are shy people and have their insecurity issues but they are very intellectual and can foresee what is likely to happen in future. They have very unpredictable temperament. If they are in good mood they will forgive your biggest mistakes and if they are in bad mood it is very likely that they get irritated with you for even scratching your head.


The strongest quality of Cancerians is that they have conscientious and righteous type of personality. They never make compromise with their ethical and moral values, which make them very respectable citizens of a society. They are not at all lazy people. They work day and night to do what needs to be done. They finish their important tasks well before time.


Positive :- They have a good sense of humor and often find something to laugh about, even in the most mundane situations. Cancers are good listeners. A lot of people gravitate towards them because of a Cancer’s nurturing and understanding nature. When a Cancer person becomes your friend, you have gained a friend for life. They are reliable and dependable. You can always count on them for help.


Nagetive :- The bad thing about Cancers is that they are extremely moody. Their moods change from good to bad in just a matter of minutes. They tend to be clingy and unreasonably insecure, especially if they sense that they are losing a friendship or a romantic relationship. They will lie if they have to; they even fail to realize that their honesty stems from their insecurity of being alone.