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Element – Earth

Quality - Cardinal

Principle - Passive (Female)

Symbol – The Goat

Ruling Planet – Saturn

Lucky Stone – Garnet



General Characteristics:

Capricorns are goal oriented, driven, and extremely ambitious people. They are willing to do anything just to realize their goals. Their self-discipline works for them because it helps them to succeed. Some of the world’s most recognized leaders, teachers, and scientists are under the sign of Capricorn. 


Hard working and intelligent, most Capricorns have a tendency to overwork themselves. They dedicate themselves to their goals and are meticulous, with attention to detail. They finish every task they start. They're wise beyond their years, and have a vast amount of patience. They are rational and clearheaded. They think profoundly about consequences before taking any action. They adore their friends and family. They do not tell about their passion and loyalty in words rather express it. They are punctual and always fulfil their commitments. They are very cautious about their public presentation, as they are very sensitive about being judged. They prepare well before any appearance on stage. They are very talented and always have creative ideas.


Their major setback in life is that they are very shy and reserved natured. They have dry sense of humor. They are ambitious and materialistic. They keep pushing themselves to achieve success. They have a great patience and concentration. They possess a nervous nerve and take a lot of pressure to perform well. They seem to take very little chances in life. Mostly they wait for the right opportunity to grab. They always try to ascertain success. They are very pessimistic and one failure is enough to demoralize them. They are very sympathetic and caring towards their friends. They try to take full control of their surroundings. They keep a keen interest in lives of their loved ones, just to make sure that it does not affect their relationship with them. They have a very classic taste of choice. They believe in looking for quality in their choice.


Capricorns love to laugh, exchange gifts and celebrate festivals but they are not very adventurous. They will hardly think about going for a vacation. They would rather go to office and do their job with perfection. For an outdoor activity, they would mostly go for a picnic with family or relax on a beach. They also do not take much interest in sports. The games they like to play are mostly indoor leisure games.


Positive :- Capricorns are known to make realistic and logical decisions. They are family-oriented; however, they stay guarded when they perceive that their family could bring them harm. They can be quite sarcastic and have a terrible sense of humor, but most often than not, their witty sarcasm helps in finding humor in just about anything. They are highly analytic and intellectual.


Nagitive :- Because they are determined and dedicated to achieving their goals, they come off as dull to other people who do not understand their internal nature. They may look emotionless on the outside, but their minds are always in overdrive. They come off as selfish because of their desire to succeed on their own. They can go to the extreme of strategically withholding important information for their own benefit. They have the tendency to refuse to face reality for fear that may have made a mistake or have done something that they didn’t like.