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Element – Air

Quality - Mutable

Principle - Active (Male)

Symbol – The Twins

Ruling Planet – Mercury

Lucky Stone – Topaz, Emerald


General Characteristics:-

From its symbol, one of the most glaring characteristics of Gemini people is revealed: they rarely do anything alone. They are at their happiest when they can share ideas with another person. Communication is a huge concern for people under this sign. They are always curious and have excellent people skills. Take them to parties and they will be the life of the party, always having something to talk about with anyone. 

As the sign depicts two twins, so too are these people often of two minds. They tend to spread their energy in various directions, finding it difficult to set a single goal and work towards achieving it. They're often possessed with a good sense of humor and are quite intelligent.


Gemini people are knowledge seekers. They are very intellectual and love to have long conversations. They have sharing and caring capabilities that make it very easy to mingle with them. They can take out almost all secrets from you. If you want to hear about latest gossips, you probably want to look for a Gemini. They easily make strong bonds and lifelong friendships. Gemini can be called chatterbox, they never let you get bored.


Being an air sign, they love their freedom. They are inclined toward travelling and seeking more information from the world. Religious and historical places easily fetch their attention. If you find a solo backpacker at a historical site discussing all facts about that place, it is probably a Gemini. They are a fine balance of yin and yang. They want to see all sides of an argument and can solve issues with their adaptability and imagination. However, they are thought to have two minds. So they always have two contradictory thoughts on same issue. They believe in finding midway between two prospects of an issue.


The major weakness of Geminins is that they are superficial and they cannot see the deep realities. It makes them prone to make unwise choices and get hurt by unreal relationships. They can easily be influenced by superficial qualities. They do not respond well to spontaneous situations and get easily nervous. However, they can be witty and extremely funny when they are calm and composed. They are quite conscious about their appearance in public places.


Any anxious moment can cause then bite of their nails. They easily become restless and stressed out. They need proper time to sleep to reduce their stress levels. However, they make sure that nobody sees any kind of tension on their face. They always want to look like happy and cheerful people. They are normally kind and affectionate people but they think very practically and when it comes to their own interests they interpret situations very fast and can be cunning at times. They are very moody people and are very unsure of their emotions. They can get easily emotionally attached to unworthy people and easily loose interest in the people who care for them. They are always in search of a chase.


Positive :- They are excellent conversationalists. They are optimistic and have a good sense of humor. They don’t allow boredom to creep in; they just create their own “fun moments”.


Nagetive :- They have the tendency to want to have all the attention on them. When they think that something is not going right for them, they immediately “abandon ship”; this can be their friendships, relationships, or career. They always have the desire to be seen as important, and because of this, they will twist the truth if they need to.