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Element – Fire

Quality - Fixed

Principle - Active (Male)

Symbol – The Lion

Ruling Planet – Sun

Lucky Stone – Peridot


General Characteristics:-

They are highly organized, generous, and protective. Like the lion, they are proud, always regal, and in charge. They like comfort and relaxation.

They always look at the bigger picture. They have little patience on both extremely boring and too complicated things. They are natural-born leaders and have trouble taking orders from other people. 

Leos are powerful, affectionate people who are natural born leaders. Self-confident individuals, they have a like being the center of attention in all they do and have a drive to be recognized among their peers. They have quite the competitive spirit, but are loyal and devoted to those that they love.


Leos are confident in everything they do but they always need an appreciation after finishing their work. They only believe in putting an effort when results are fruitful. They are almost always the stand-up artists trying to manage the huge crowd. They keep the spirits high even in rough times. There is nothing that can stop any person to fall in love with the zeal of life in them. They are highly influential people and can easily leave their impact on other people’s lives. Leos cannot live in a boring environment. They can create a huge drama around them to keep the atmosphere entertaining. Even few minutes of silence make them restless.


Leos are those people who put on their headphones and listen to music while preparing for their most important exam. Leo men are usually the supercool studs and noble gentlemen and Leo women are mostly the respected and admirable ladies with all feminine charms. They are mostly generous and warm-hearted people but they always have very high opinion of themselves and end up patronizing others.


The most difficult thing to handle about Leos is their pride or ego. They easily get offended and take everything personally. They are often compared to a magnet as they both attract and repel people with a great force. They usually have the best leadership qualities but they forget to share the credit of success with their employees.


Public opinion matters a lot to Leos, so it is very important for them to look and dress in a royal manner and possess all the luxurious belongings. Finding a fault in Leos is the biggest turn off for them. You will probably end up with hurting yourself trying to correct a Leo’s mistake. They have a very clear mindset about their goals in life. They do not have to work very hard for that as they absorb knowledge very easily and are very courageous people. They can easily take bold steps in life and are quite assured about their success.


They have brilliant minds and always exceed all expectations. Leos are broadminded people and are open to all ideas. They love to debate on social and political issues and often play an important role in making an opinion of a huge crowd. They are idealistic and practical people and can go to any extent to defend justice.


Positive :- They are honest and decent. They will always do what is right and won’t think of any possible consequences. They are known to love luxury and material things. They are generally accepting of all kinds of people.

Nagetive :- Because of their excessive self-worth, they are often seen as arrogant. They lean towards extravagance. They always want to be in charge.