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Element – Air

Quality - Cardinal

Principle - Active( Male)

Symbol – The Scales

Ruling Planet – Venus

Lucky Stone – Opal, Sapphire


General Characteristics:

They generally have a good sense of justice and are endlessly seeking for beauty. They are in constant search for a sense of balance between leisure and career, as well as an equal balance in their emotional and physical (or spiritual) lives.


Librans possess an innate sense of fairness that often puts in the position of smoothing things over between others. Highly intelligent and knowledgeable, they can be quite spontaneous, despite that they are often found to be shy. Librans are very graceful people. They have a unique taste in their choice. They find equally contrasting things equally appealing.


They make friends with almost everyone they meet. They are the adhesive of their group. They are the peacemakers and it is mostly their responsibility to fix any problem between two friends in their circle. They are always looking for a new excitement in life. They can be messy as well as highly organized at different times. They are the people who will be too busy to organize their house and then will take one-week leave from work for home decoration.


Librans are quite diplomatic people. They learn enough tactics to get done what they want. They are highly intuitive and intelligent but too lazy to work hard. They will only learn the things that are necessary for them and will never try to put any extra effort. For this reason, they mostly remain underachiever for their capabilities. Librans are very warm people and they always keep trying to make everyone happy. For this reason, they are very unsure of their own feelings and very indecisive on to how to express their feelings.


Librans are most insecure about being abandoned. They do not like to live on their own. If a Libran asks for some alone time, it means that he is very depressed and is piling up a lot of negative emotions inside himself. Librans are very charming people. They are said to be the most desirable of all zodiac signs because of their gentleness and calm personality but they always need to be emotionally open to you as a friend or a partner, otherwise they can be highly unreliable. 



Positive:-  Libra people have a good sense of fair play and they become disappointed if there is something unfair going on. They have a knack for talking non-stop, especially if they are talking about their favorite conversation topics. Generally, they make decisions based on the good of most people. They do not hesitate to resort to sacrificing their own happiness or satisfaction just for the benefit of their family or group.

Negitive :- Since they take too long when it comes to decision-making, they can be viewed as lazy and absent minded. Also, because of their desire to get justice all the time, they tend to be argumentative to the point of being inappropriate. They do not necessarily want to be in charge but they want to have their voices heard.