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Element – Water

Quality - Mutable

Principle - Passive ( Female)

Symbol – The Fish

Ruling Planet – Jupiter and Neptune

Lucky Stone – Emerald, Aquamarine


General Characteristics:

They are generally daydreamers. They always dream of making excellent ideas a reality, but they usually fail when it comes to taking the right actions.

They are always happy and vibrant. They care deeply for the people they love. They are extremely dedicated. They can stay in a relationship for years or can work in the same company for decades before moving on.


Warm and affectionate, Pisces are dreamers, with vivid imaginations. They are extremely sensitive and are shy by nature. They are compassionate and full of love. They keep lot of expectations from their loved ones. They are extremely emotional and if they are not appreciated for their love, they feel betrayal and tend to get hurt. They are witty and entertaining people. They believe in connecting with people and make them happy. They are artistic people and are very versatile in their talents. They are flexible in taking decisions and at times make wrong choices, for which they end up regretting later.


The initial interaction with Pisces can feel very attractive but their lack of rationality can make things very complicated. Pisces are quite unsure of their emotions and tend to flip their feeling easily. They can be most faithful friends but they are not good at keeping secrets. They are misunderstood most of the time because of duality in their nature. They can be easily inspired by motivation. On the other hand, they easily get demoralized by any life event and start pitying themselves. Pisces are not very good role models because of lack of confidence and discipline. Their opinions are greatly influenced by surrounding people.


Pisces rarely get angry but they feel a lot of pain when they are emotionally hurt. Pisces are spiritual people. They are most intuitive of all zodiac signs. They believe in mystical psychic world. Pisces are not at all bothered about their health. They eat plenty of junk food and do not push themselves for any kind of workout. They also have a love of outdoors and all animals. They cannot live in closed spaces and love to travel very often but they mostly go out with friends and family only.


Positive :- They are highly emphatic people and always feel the need to reach out and help people. They are kind and caring individuals.


Nagitive :- Because they feel everything so deeply, they can become worry freaks. They worry about anything which often leads them to becoming indecisive. They don’t like hurting other people’s feelings to the point of lying just so they won’t offend them.