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Element – Fire

Quality - Mutable

Principle - Active ( Male)

Symbol – The Archer         

Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Lucky Stone – Amethyst


General Characteristics:-

People under this sign love to travel, meet new people, and learn and discover new things. They always crave for freedom, both physically and figuratively. They become unhappy and restless when they try to follow a normal routine. They want action and variety. 

Highly optimistic and affectionate, Sagittarians are the kind of people who love their freedom and independence. They're kind and generous, but easily bored and very restless. They're eager to explore and are fast learners.


Sagittarians are easygoing people. They are in continuous search for meaning of life. They talk about philosophy and try to have a modern approach towards it. They are confident, humorous, positive minded and happy people. They are very practical in making decisions. They know well how to control their emotions. They are flirtatious people and are very popular in opposite sex. They have huge circle of friends and are always up for any help.


Sagittarians are the friends who might not be in touch with you for years but when you need them they will cross seven seas to offer help. They love their freedom and always need some space for their intellectual growth. They are adventurous and travel a lot. It is not the destination they are fond of, rather they like the journey. Sagittarians are the people who will ride their bikes and explore scenic view in mountains. They are honest in their opinions. They are probably the best advisers, as they will always speak truth. Their way of being humorous is satire. They do not lose their temper easily but once they get mad, they will probably speak only one line that will hurt you to the core. They are extremely egoistic. Any word affecting their self-esteem makes them extremely angry.


Sagittarians are irresponsible people. It is mostly because they do not take any task very seriously. Their approach in life is that nothing wrong can happen. Their optimism is sometimes superfluous. Sagittarians generally have a good built but they do not carry themselves very well. They seem restless when they talk. They are very little conscious about what they wear and how they appear in formal meetings. They, however, are very fond of gadgets and their brands. Their choice is mostly superficial. They like everything that is popular.


Positive :- They are intelligent and they always want to be around equally intelligent people. They are highly creative and are good at creating new things. They are very spiritual. They travel a lot to gain more knowledge and growth.


Nagetive :- When a Sagittarian is not given enough room to grow, they tend to become resentful. They are the ones that make big and unrealistic plans, but they often fail because of a lack of follow-through.