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Element – Water

Quality - Fixed

Principle - Passive ( Female)

Symbol – The Scorpion

Ruling Planet –Pluto and Mars

Lucky Stone – Topaz, Bloodstone


General Characteristics:

They are passionate, reflective, exacting, and combating. They are not necessarily aggressive, but when they are provoked, they tend to fight back.

They are always waiting for their time alone. They are generally contemplative and often long to have some alone time and become totally irritated when they are not given the opportunity.

They are excellent secret-keepers. Other people are drawn to them because Scorpios have the ability to bring out the best and worst in them. 

They are highly mature for their age. They have a tendency to absorb information at an astounding rate and possess high levels of understanding. Very passionate, they also tend to be a bit possessive and can hold a grudge like nobody’s business. Scorpions have intense and hypnotic personality. They are full of energy and use all their potential in any task they take. They are curious people and have good analytical skills. They have strong reasoning power. They tend to get obsessed at one thing very easily. They are often compared to phoenix. Even after many failures, they keep on doing the same task again and again until they succeed, just like phoenix rise from ashes.


Scorpions are full of emotions. They are possessive and loyal. Once you hurt them, it leaves a deep mark in their heart. Even if they remain silent, they are unforgiving and take their revenge in the nastiest way. You can say that they sting like a scorpion that is very deadly. They can be described as best of friends and worst of enemies. They are sometimes unreasonable in their demands and are manipulative for that, up to any extent. They are very hard working. They make sure that they have complete knowledge about all the matters affecting their regular life. They like to keep to themselves and have the most superior information; can be very jealous of other people giving them any kind of competition.


At times, they can be very arrogant or cunning. Scorpions are health conscious people. They are very much into sports. They practice for very long time, sometimes to the extent that they overstretch their muscles and end up injuring themselves. Scorpions love to travel.  Trekking, hiking and adventure sport are their most favorite activities. They know how to live life to the fullest. Scorpions like transformation. Its whether their looks or profession or location, they like changes and try almost all varieties in life. They are born foodies. They love to try a lot of cuisines from all nations and cultures. Scorpions are also the sexiest zodiac sign. They are very passionate about their partner. However, they are not very stable in their relationships as much as they are loyal to their friends.


Positive :- Since they exhibit strong self-control, they also expect that from others. They are well-disciplined. They are protective of every aspect of their lives. They are always eager to get to know other people. They are generous givers and do not expect to be paid.


Nagetive :- Scorpios never forget if you did something wrong or you hurt them. They are perceived to have invented the word “vendetta”. The females are less forgiving than the males. They can also be pessimists. They also tend to have unfounded paranoia and can become overly suspicious of others.