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  Horary Astrology ( Prashna Jyotish) - Horary is the branch of astrology that answers people’s questions – which can be anything from “ Will I win the election?” to “ Will my son get married this year?” to “Where did I put my diamond ring ?’ and a thousand other questions. If the question asks when, where and whether, it is a candidate for horary. The more elusive why is difficult, but in some cases horary chart describes background conditions as well.

     There is definitely something spooky about horary charts. Why should planetary position at a particular moment describe the answer to a question, someone poses at that moment? Natal astrology is difficult to understand, but the art of horary goes beyond what our intuition tells us about the functioning of planetary cycles. In addition it completely do not take into consideration the concept of free will, which explains its fall from favour. So, in a  nutshell horary or prashna jyotish is an art of providing fast and accurate answers to real world questions, and which can be done by traditional astrology and K.P.Astrology. We expertise in both the disciplines.


Answers that one can gets by prashan kundli are:-

  1. How long will one live ?
  2. When will i Buy ?
  3. When one will be free from financial worries ?
  4. Is there second marriage for me ?
  5. Appeal will be successful in court ?
  6. What about my Interview ?
  7. When will i sell/purchase my property/Vehicle ?
  8. Will my Love affairs will be successful or not?
  9. Any Child for me.
  10.  Child Birth.
  11.   Am i to adopt child?
  12.   Can I gain in the lottery/Speculation/Share Market?
  13.   Will i be able to borrow/ clear off loans ?
  14.  Recovery of money lost.
  15.  When is the Marriage ?
  16.  Business and Partnership ?
  17.  Will i get scholarship ?
  18.  Overseas when ?
  19.  Any study  - Overseas
  20.  Will i get some job ?
  21.  Can i Became a Politician ?
  22.  When will i be promoted ?
  23.  Change in Job.
  24.  Business - change of  place.
  25.  Is there any imprisonment for me ?
  26.  Will i be prosecuted by income-tax-Department ?
  27.  Will there be any raid in my house.