Astrologer in West Delhi
Astrologer in Delhi


Astrology-  Astrology is the science prevalent throughout the world. In the western world it is used as Sayana system, while in India, we are following it as Nirayana system. If we club the two systems then results are very up to the mark, and we prefer that. Besides this we are also following Nadi astrology, based on Meena Nadi. Presently it is known as K.P system, propounded by Late K.S.Krishnamurthy. This system is based on Nakshatras and gives answers in perfect yes or no. besides this we also expertise  Remedial Measures i.e, Upaye based on Vedic system and Lal Kitab. We also expertise in stone prescription as stones also enhance our potential and ameliorate the evils as indicated by the various planets.