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   Marriage match making, matching employer – employee relationships etcEvery individual is dependent on the other individuals in day today life, especially on spouse in a marriage relationship. It is a part of give and take in life. Marriage, education, government, business, entertainment, recreation, sports, social life, trade, buying and selling, anything else you can name, will make use of this interdependence of human beings. No one can deny it; to ignore it is only foolish, but fatal to happiness and achievements. So, with changing times, fundamental human problem that is alarmingly on the rise, is of non compatibility in day to day human interaction, especially in married life, which is pivot of our moods and so of our efficiency.

    Match making by traditional methods of Guna Milan is only a hypothetical approach, does not yield good results in modern times of expanded human consciousness. Match making done by matching psychology, type, temperament, potentials, compensation of weaknesses etc. seems to fulfill the task in a better and efficient way. We are doing match making in the manner mentioned here. We do not give much importance to Guna Milan as many marriages are stake where Guna Milan was 32/36. Many a couple is enjoying a fulfilled married life where Guna Milan is 8/36 or 12/36. So planetary matching is an important factor in match making, as planets reveal our psychology and potentials.