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  Vastu - Vastu is the science of knowing how to use the natural energies available to us in a most productive and useful way. An abrupt increase of population in cities has led to shrinkage of living space, so people overlook the principles of Vastu to avail maximum facilities in less space. Because of disbelief or ignorance, people pay less attention to principles of Vaastu while building a house, but when faced with tensions, disease, worries, enemity and losses, they realize the importance of Vastu. By availing the advice of an efficient Vastu consultant, one can resort to remedial measures, without making too heavy structural changes. It can be done by making internal setting in the rooms, orientation of fixtures and furniture, parking of vehicles, water points, staircase, doors, widows etc. We have an expertise in all this, without making topsy–turvy structural changes in the house or other installations.