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Element – Earth

Quality -  Fixed

Principle - Passive (Female)

Symbol – The Bull

Ruling Planet – Venus

Lucky Stone – Dimond, 


General Characteristics:

Taurus people are generally pleasure-seekers, controlling, dependable, grounded, and sensual in nature. They can be peaceful and methodical. Their actions are always deliberate.


Highly emotional people, those of Taurus have big-hearts and are also quite tactile. Young children especially require a lot of cuddles for better mental development. They are stubborn, but are determined to succeed. They're also avid nature lovers. They are loving, warm and reliable people who are extremely possessive about their friends and family. They easily get attached to people and places unclosing their home, room, friends, gadgets, books etc. They have a childlike nature and like to be pampered and get easily jealous.


Taurus are very reliable people, you can always count on them. Once a Taurus makes a commitment to you, he will never leave you disappointed. They are very persistent about their goals in life. However, their desires are quite materialistic. At times, they can be very greedy. Taurus people have a very good observation. If they are in a room, they can see very little things going on in that room. They can remember very minute details of the books they read or videos they watch. They are deep thinkers and practical people. For this reason, they make a very good critic. Their judgement is almost always right. They are very generous and patient but when provoked they can be extremely aggressive. They are sensitive by nature and if you do not give them attention, they can twist and turn the things until you focus your full attention on them.


Taurus people are unshakable on their opinions. They are known to be the most stubborn of all zodiac signs. The most important weakness of Taurus is that they unemotional and have a dry humor. They often find it very hard to express their emotions in words. They are very organized people. They have a specified place to keep every single thing in their house. They have very strong work ethics. They are punctual, determined, career oriented and have a good sense of business. But they don’t like to be pushed very hard. They are very good followers if they are clearly specify them their goals and the respective rewards but bossing a Taurus is like asking a bull to hit you. At times, they can be very lazy and if they don’t want to do something, there is no way to get it done.


Positive :- People under Taurus always finish what they have started. They are adaptable. They can easily adjust to new challenges given them, especially if the reward can give them comfort, luxury, and sex. They have a good sense of humor.


Nagetive :- They are perceived to be stubborn. They can be “bullies” when it comes to the ideals and principles they believe in. They always want to become leaders and they have high regard for themselves. If they are not made to lead, they resist and fail to cooperate; often going to the extent of sabotaging projects or undermining authority.