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Element – Earth

Quality - Mutable

Principle - Passive ( Female)

Symbol – The Virgin

Ruling Planet – Mercury

Lucky Stone – Topaz


General Characteristics:-

Like the Maiden, a Virgo person is always cool, calm, and has a good sense of clarity. They show a mild-mannered attitude, but underneath that façade, they have a flurry of activities going on. There are always a lot of things in their minds: constantly thinking, analyzing, and calculating.

They are good at creating something good out of nothing. Being left alone is not an issue for them, as long as they know that despite being alone, they are still appreciated and needed by the people they love and care about. They are excellent listeners and are good at helping others out. 


Virgos are hard working and sincere people who have a love for learning. They're highly inquisitive and intelligent, and can often push themselves too hard and take on too much at once. They are analytical people and have very keen observation. However, they are mostly mocked for being critical about very minute details. Virgos are those people who always want to correct things a little bit more. They are very specific about what they asked for and like things to get done exactly the same way. They can be called the perfectionists.


Virgos are rational thinkers and they always listen to their mind more than their heart. They are great problem solvers because they think logically. Virgos have a huge world that they live inside their mind. When they are alone they keep talking to themselves but they never express their own emotions in front of others. For this reason, they are often taken as emotionally disconnected from the world. Virgos are great manipulators. You should probably never open up yourself to a Virgo. They listen to all your problems and then think deep in their minds and can make you think the way they believe is right for you. You never get to know when they put thoughts in your mind.


Virgos have an obsession with maintain cleanliness and hygiene. They like everything to be organized to a precise level. They have a very good self-control. Virgos are those people who, when decide, can give up drugs own their own. They are very determined and hardworking people but when they are successful you will hardly find them boasting about it. They are generally considered as loners as they are very picky in choosing their friends. They do not easily trust anyone and always rely on themselves only.


Positive :- They have a good heart for everyone. They are kind, gentle, and patient. They are excellent creative thinkers.


Nagitive :- They have the tendency to be over zealous in having good overall health, which can lead them to become too obsessive in weight loss regimens and eating healthy. They are perceived to be the most judgmental of all the signs.